A leather collar?!?

Leather is a great material, robust, stable, durable, cuddly and it does not need so much care! I process two types of leather as upper leather. Both types are cowhide leather. A normally processed cowhide leather, known from leather belts and then even greased leather. I would like to go into the fat leather at this point, because I like to call it the "Porsche" among the leathers, Fatty leather means that the leather is pre-greased and milled in several steps. This makes the leather very soft and particularly hard-wearing. Whether a collar or a leash made of greased leather, you will enjoy it for a long time. And it needs hardly any care. With a damp cloth it is clean again in no time. We also swim with it in the lake and it doesn't stink even after years!

Yes, water is not a problem, I like to remember the good leather shoes! It is important that the leather can dry at room temperature, for example - as with us - on the wardrobe.

Each collar is lined with a cow nappa leather. This leather comes from furniture processing and is abrasion-resistant and soft. As also with us, the dog neck is a sensitive area and for this reason each collar is padded!  If the collar is pulled, the larynx could be injured by the buckle if the D-ring is attached diagonally. Since your dog should feel comfortable and should not be threatened with injury by a collar, I process the D-ring directly next to the buckle!


Which collar width for my dog?

The correct collar width is an important aspect! Not only optically, but also healthily for your darling. Because a too narrow collar is demonstrably harmful to health, it cuts into the dog's neck and causes pain and can even affect the cervical spine.

Which width is the right one? Quite simply, your dog always has it with him, just the nose long...

Simply measure the width of the nose sponge, and you have the optimal collar width for your dog! With heavy breeds you can also choose even wider, the wider the more pleasant the pressure distribution is for your dog. But he should also be able to move without restrictions. If you are unsure, please make an appointment with me or visit me on one of my On Tour appointments!

Also I use exclusively aluminum click closures. These are tested with regard to their breaking load, and are stable! These plastic buckles are in my eyes predetermined breaking points, and have nothing to do with a collar!

All my works I manufacture myself and they are not products from the Far East. The quality of the leather speaks for itself! I get the leather from German tanneries!